“Welcome to the Siena-AMC family!”

With the end of August soon arriving, everyone knows that it is almost time for a new freshman class of the program to arrive at Siena! In keeping with tradition, a rising Sophomore (Aidan Sullivan) has written a welcome letter to the incoming freshman class preceding their arrival:

Welcome to the Siena/AMC family!

I am so incredibly happy and excited that you decided to come to Siena and join the program. Following your acceptance, I am sure you were congratulated many times, but I hope now in August that you still feel good about that accomplishment. You should be immensely proud that you are about to begin studying at Siena in this wonderful program. I have interacted with many of you either over email, Facebook, or in person on visit days, and based on these interactions, I can say that you are yet another talented and passionate class in the Siena/AMC program. Each of you adds something different, and we are all excited to get to know each other. I wanted to write this letter to share a bit of advice and encouragement as orientation comes right around the corner. I know I was both nervous and excited last year at this time, and both feelings are completely normal. Hopefully this letter eases some of those apprehensions and gets you even a little more excited to start this new part of your life.

Get to know your classmates in the program. You are starting this journey together and you will learn with each other and from each other along the way. In just one year, I can’t even believe how much I have come to rely on my program friends for support and guidance. Get to know these people you will be sharing the next eight years with and begin learning with and from them early on. Studying in groups can be a wonderful resource that is very easy to do on campus.

Get to know your classmates outside of the program. My favorite thing about the Siena community is the people. I have met good friends through retreats and my involvement in groups like Habitat for Humanity, the Mentoring Program, and the Student Ministry Board. Get involved on campus and meet new people. Your future best friends may be in the program, but they also may not be. Get involved on campus and meet people that share other interests with you.

Reach out to upperclassmen with questions and concerns. I know I have talked to a couple of you already about schedules, professors, and textbooks. If you have questions about anything at all heading into orientation, please reach out and ask. You will meet all of the other upperclassmen in the program in each year level (except for most of the junior class because they are studying abroad this semester) shortly after classes begin. We are all a resource for you. We all experienced freshman year so reach out to us with anything you may need.

Always be nice. If you remember the speech that Dr. LaRow gave at lunch on your interview day, you will remember that he uses the adjective “nice” to describe the students in the program. Remember that you were accepted because you showed that you were nice. As you begin the next chapter of your life, remember to stay true to who you are and always be that nice person. Be a friend and always go out of your way to serve the people around you in every aspect of your life. Also remember to stay humble and grateful for the wonderful opportunity you have been given as a member of this program. I absolutely love Siena College and this program, and I am confident you will too.

Can’t wait to see you soon on campus!

Aidan Sullivan
Siena College Class of 2019/Albany Medical College Class of 2023



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