Smelly Feet

In January 2016, the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics published an article written by Siena-AMC program alum, Dr. Ramy Sedhom, M.D. that was titled, “Taking Our Oath Seriously: Compassion for Patients.”

In the article, Dr. Sedhom gives a passionate and poignant narrative on the essential element of compassion in patient care. He invites the reader to look in on pieces of his personal journey that serve as the foundation for his steadfastly person-first approach as a physician. His thoughts are overwhelmingly full of heart, honest, and genuine in a way holds you and your heart until the very end.

Two weeks into the current semester, Dr. LaRow asked our class (current Juniors, Siena College Class of 2017) to read Dr. Sedhom’s article during our weekly International Volunteerism seminar (taken spring semester of the junior year to plan and prepare for the first Summer of Service).

The first time I read it, I was stunned into silence. The second time found me speechless still. When I finally looked up, I realized that I was not alone in this cloud of scrambling thought and struck heart; all of us at the table were quiet with awe.

There is much uncertainty in the path ahead of us, but I know one thing for sure: that it is an honor and a privilege to walk this path with a community of physicians and physicians-to-be beside, behind, and in front of me who not only believe in the pillars of practice that Dr. Sedhom has beautifully described but who consciously and continuously strive to live by them. Dr. Sedhom’s words are not only humbling but inspiring, revitalizing, and reassuring that the heart of medicine as a humbled, heart-filled, service-based profession beats on.

The Editor

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